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Defect Analysis Inspections - Various


Most of our defect analysis work relates to either structural or water ingress issues but the subjects under consideration do vary widely.

We have reported on some fairly minor matters and have also reported on defects that have the potential to seriously impact a business both financially and operationally including on occasion flat roof coverings well in excess of 100,000sq/ft. Size is no object, the issues remain the same.

We are fortunate in that our training/skill-base allows us to analyse any form of construction and type of defect. In effect we are a one-stop shop for building defects. It is imperative that the analysis and recommendations are both measured and appropriate. All too often a building defect can be blown out of proportion with complete replacement being championed by someone with a vested interest. A full and proper appraisal will enable the business to budget for and undertake those remedial works actually required.

The other issue with defect analysis is that there is rarely only one option for treatment of the symptoms and it is imperative that the decision on which way to resolve it is well considered. We would suggest that if you are spending thousands of pounds on works that you ought to be taking some form of professional advice as to do otherwise may cost your business more than you can at present know.


We are regularly instructed as a direct result of a Valuation/Home Condition Report to advise on specific concerns. Most regularly these relate to cracking but can also include a wide variety of subjects including dampness, regulatory compliance and/or the quality of refurbishment works or replacement windows.

These inspections involve a detailed examination of a particular area or element of a property. Although very occasionally this involves further specialist input, more often than not we are able to identify the cause of the problem and give appropriate advice. Where appropriate we can advise a suitable budget to be set aside to deal with the problem. In turn the purchaser is then empowered with information, enabling them to make an offer at a level that makes appropriate allowance for the defect identified.

Additionally, we are regularly contacted by owners who note that something has either appeared or is changing in their property and thereby causing concern, often once the matter has been carefully considered the situation can result in no action being required other than ongoing monitoring.