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Services - Building Surveying

Building Defects Investigation

Perhaps our principle area of operation, our training and experience enable us to investigate building defects, interrogate physical symptoms, analyse evidence and arrive at a reasoned and measured response.

We can provide Snagging and Expert Witness reports. The ability to draw on sound Professional advice normally ensures the matter is taken seriously by third parties.

Building Appraisals, Inspections & Surveys

A building appraisal, as opposed to a building survey, is a building MOT inspection. We recommend regular periodic inspections of property to ensure they do not present a risk to occupants or users.

We recommend a structural survey where structural failure is suspected, where a ‘self-build’ property lacks ‘adequate’ third party certification, or before embarking upon a major refurbishment or alteration. In each case a detailed survey inspection can help de-risk the process.

Industrial & Commercial Surveys

Pre-acquisition/occupation surveys can also help reduce the risk associated with the purchase or lease of buildings. Reports are tailored to suit individual circumstance, from a brief ‘investment’ overview, through to a fully detailed report with individual sections covering all major aspects having either legal or financial implication.

Domestic Property Advice

All of the above are equally applicable to domestic property. Knowledge enables considered decision making. All too often the heart is left to rule the head without sufficient appreciation of the potential pitfalls.

Thermographic Surveys

We have recently acquired Thermographic camera equipment which enables us to interrogate buildings without physical disruption. Thermography relies on the amount of heat either embodied within or passing through an element. Similar cameras are used by the emergency services to locate survivors. We use the camera to locate: roof leaks, identify lines of concealed structure or cold bridges and to analyse where heat losses are occurring, including reviewing cavity wall insulation applications for instance to see whether they have completely filled the cavities.

Endoscopic Surveys

In order to minimise disruption, whilst allowing maximum information to be gained, we utilise endoscopic survey techniques to allow us to look into cavity walls and other voids in the building. Simply by drilling 12mm diameter holes which can be easily sealed on completion. This allows items such as cavity wall ties and insulation to be physically inspected.