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Services - Construction

Maintenance, Repairs & Refurbishment

This is one of our core services and hinges on our ability to inspect buildings and provide advice on the need for remedial works commensurate with your operational or occupational requirements and legal obligations. We can assist you with future budget projections by preparing a forward maintenance programme looking at individual or composite building elements over 5, 10 or even 20 years. We also advise on re-furbishment.

Contract Administration

The administration of a construction contract on your behalf brings our experience to the project, ensuring efficiency through legislative compliance. We Chair contract meetings and monitor works to ensure all parties to the contract meet their obligations. On conclusion we ‘sign off’ the works agree the final account, issue completion certificates and co-ordinate snagging issues. This can significantly reduce the time expended on non-core activities by senior in house staff in the case of commercial clients.

Project Management

We take responsibility for and implement framework controls to enable the successful delivery of a construction project. Our detailed understanding of the elements and expectations that are combined within a project, as well as our understanding of team work and its motivators, best ensures completion on time, to pre agreed standards within pre-set budgetary constraints.

Project Monitoring

Provision of a watching eye on a construction project to ensure your interests are protected. Monitoring is highly relevant to projects being developed by third parties, including ‘design-build’. The purpose of our input is to provide a professional independent overview on quality, time and cost issues, thus enabling your organisation to fully interact at the correct level in the construction process.

Fire Flood & Storm Damage

We understand the need for a reactive body; one that can drop everything to attend to a critical situation. Whether it involves fire, flood or storm damage, we have the necessary skills to take on a co-ordinating role. Acting on your behalf; we can minimize your liabilities, taking considered decisions early on in the process, saving you and your business time and money. We are used to dealing with loss adjusters and to justifying our actions, negotiating the best possible deal for you. If in doubt - call us!

Insurance Reinstatement Valuations

Not necessarily a construction related service but certainly one that sits well alongside the above heading. We can provide accurate valuations for the re-building costs for an individual building or complete portfolio. All too often valuations either get out of date or are not professionally assessed in the first place. This can lead to one of two things, either paying too high a premium for cover which is not required or perhaps, even more importantly, not having adequate cover in place in the event of a claim being instigated.