About Bruce Shaw - Corporate Responsibility

We understand CSR as being how companies manage the business process to produce an overall positive impact on society under two main strands, environmentally and socially.

Property accounts for 40% of CO² emissions which is more than industry and traffic combined. Although we are a small firm and do not build properties ourselves, as Chartered Building Surveyors we are intrinsically involved in the whole process through our activities and the advice we give to our clients and as such we have our part to play in addressing the major issue of Carbon Footprint. We have therefore developed a CSR policy.

We also believe that it is very important for business to interface with society and give back something whether it be service or support to local organisations and charities.

Overall our CSR policy is:

As a business we are clearly focused on achieving commercial success, but we understand that the way in which we run our business does have an economic, social and environmental impact. We have set out a framework to ensure that while we maintain the necessary focus on achieving commercial success we do so while incorporating ethical values, respect for people, communities and the natural environment into our business activities, culture and strategy.

To clarify and maintain our focus we outline the key areas:

  • Business Ethics
  • Client Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Environment
  • Local Community Support