Portfolio - Case Study 11

Culzean Dental Practice, Pitteuchar GIA Properties limited

Alteration or Extension

We were appointed by a local property company to review options available to accommodate an existing dental practice looking to expand their business. Firstly we looked at re-housing the adjacent Tenant into another unit and prepared sketch layouts. This proved unsuitable and we therefore developed a scheme to utilise an area of vacant ground adjacent to the buildings end terraced gable. This new design utilised the existing buildings entrance and effectively doubled the size of the property.

One of the features of this design was to consider carefully how the existing business could continue to function during the construction of the extension. We restricted the linking of the buildings to a single corridor that in effect could be knocked through and linked over the space of one weekend. However, due to a number of upgrades that the Tenant wishes to undertake concurrently in the existing building the practice is likely to close for a full week.

We instructed services engineers and structural engineers to assist us to put together appropriate Planning and Building Warrant Applications and then prepared contract documentation that was in turn tendered to a number of local contractors for pricing. This tender process is now complete and we are awaiting instructions to proceed.

This is a very typical extension of the type that we as Building Surveyors are able to advise upon. We have also recently prepared layout proposals for a local care home extension and are awaiting instructions to move to the next stage on this project as well.

Commercial extensions of this nature generally follow the design and appearance of the existing building fabric and are also practical, following the lines of the internal layout as much as anything else.

Occasionally we are asked to prepare schemes that look to improve the appearance of an existing building in need of some form of modernisation, perhaps as a part of an internal refurbishment. Often the re-modelling of an entrance to a building will make a building more attractive to interested parties and make it easier to let.


Minor building operations can be as complicated as major ones in that they can involve just as many elements but not in as large quantities. This can bring with it a heavy burden of responsibility to ensure that each of those elements is correctly put together.