Portfolio - Case Study 8

Health & Safety Audits Eastern/Western Motor Group

Health Safety & Welfare Audits

We undertook a complete review of this portfolio (40+ buildings) in order to audit legislative compliance in relation to both occupancy and maintenance aspects of their premises. All occupiers of commercial property have to ensure that they comply with a ‘raft’ of legislation that requires the organisation to protect the safety of their own staff and visitors to their premises at all times.

The applicable Health Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992 cover a wide range of issues. These include fire precautions: the safety of occupants from trip hazards, through cleanliness, to safe access for window cleaning and/or operation, as well as access for maintenance contractors to roof surfaces and other less frequently accessed areas.

This portfolio included: petrol stations, car showrooms, workshops, office buildings, retail outlets and industrial sheds. The reporting format developed for the exercise was bespoke and used tabular formats to identify the location and nature of each item, as well as the solution in each case. These reports, like most of our end products, are prepared for use and comprehension by the layperson.

It is also important in commercially occupied property to recognise the importance of delegated responsibility, with almost everyone having to take some responsibility for the safety of their fellow work mates. The adoption of a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude in the case of fire and safety related issues is essential if accidents in and around the workplace, as a dynamically changing space, are to be minimised.

As a result of these reports our client has instigated a number of works to remove and or reduce risk.

These Regulations are applicable to all commercially occupied property.


For anyone wondering why this type of inspection is necessary, they need only visit the Health & Safety Executive’s website to review the many reasons why property occupants and owners can end up on the wrong side of the law. The adoption of such a review can quickly help a business identify shortcomings.