Portfolio - Case Study 14

Works to Listed Buildings, Portrait Software

We were initially appointed by Portrait Software to provide advice in respect of Dilapidations issues relating to 2 properties in Edinburgh’s New Town, one ‘A’ listed the other ‘B’ listed. One which they were about to vacate and the other their Tenants were about to vacate.

Initially the intention was for them to relocate to a modern open plan office but following a fruitless search and our advising them on a number of options we were left with the two properties we started with.

In essence from a contractual perspective both projects were very similar, one of £150k and the other of £170k. The first works to be undertaken were to the property being vacated by their Tenant. These works were undertaken with a view to our client decanting into the refurbished unit. Once our client had taken occupancy we then proceeded to refurbish the unit which they were in turn handing back to their Landlord within a fairly tight timescale prior to the end of their lease.

Both properties required to be completely repaired externally and internally, to a standard compliant not only with the lease conditions, but also by implication, be-fitting of a New Town property in Central Edinburgh. The standards set were in some instances stated in the Lease and in other respects by our experience of the office market.

In essence as we already had a schedule of dilapidations for the first property (this having been served on the Tenant before the lease expiry) this document was largely used to frame a contract. The other property had no such schedule and we had to prepare a detailed schedule of works covering all of the items that required undertaking.

The buildings were both fully scaffolded to facilitate access to the entire roof and wall areas and to enable the external joinery and plumberwork to be decorated. We also overhauled and repaired the boundary structures and car park areas. Internally the buildings were completely stripped back and in turn fully re-decorated and re-carpeted to an appropriate standard and at the same time we organised a plethora of minor maintenance repairs which also necessarily included a thorough inspection of all the service installations.

By employing Bruce Shaw to project manage and advise on these works our Client’s inconvenience was minimised, their own and their Tenant’s lease obligations were met and perhaps most importantly their business continued to operate throughout the process.


Businesses need to budget and plan for major works. Early input from a professional adviser will help you to ensure this is achieved. Maintaining and repairing Listed Buildings is not a task that can be undertaken lightly. It is essential your professional adviser has sufficient experience and that your contractor is also competent in that type of work.