Bruce Shaw Property Consultants Limited was established in 2002. Based in Dalgety Bay, West Fife. Managing Director, Colin Bruce has in excess of 40 years’ experience in both the Public and Private sectors.

Our clients include developers, investors, solicitors, surveyors, contractors, industrial, commercial and retail clients as well as homeowners and residential factors.

Using our knowledge and understanding, we assist clients maximise their position, providing appropriate and measured responses.


RICS Regulation

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is one of a small number of privileged & respected professions that are self-regulated, as opposed to being regulated by Government.

Behaving ethically is at the heart of what it means to be a professional, this requires us to adhere to the following five ethical standards:

• Act with integrity
• Always provide a high standard of service
• Act in a way that promotes trust in the profession
• Treat others with respect
• Take responsibility

Corporate & Social Responsibility

CSR relates to how companies manage the business process to produce a positive impact on society, both environmental and social.

With the background of a Scottish Government seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings by a massive 81% between 2015 and 2032, everyone and every business will be impacted. As Chartered Building Surveyors we are intrinsically involved through the advice we offer clients.

We also provide and actively encourage service and support of local organisations and charities.

Although businesses must focus on achieving commercial success, we also appreciate our business impacts the economy, society and our environment. Accordingly, we appreciate and take account of ethics, respect for people, communities and culture within our business strategy.

Environmental Policy

Bruce Shaw recognises the importance of protecting the environment and encouraging all clients to think carefully about the choices they make and their effect upon society as a whole. Protecting our environment is a core part of Bruce Shaw’s values, a basic principle and sound business practice.

Our policy encompasses compliance, pollution, waste, culture and performance.

In a professional capacity, we strive to specify environmentally friendly products/components and or systems, raise awareness of environmental issues and ensure materials are re-cycled and new materials sourced renewably.


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Colin Bruce

Previous employment/training:

1979 Bell Ingram, Perth
1982 Glasgow College of Building and Printing
1986 Property Services Agency (PSA), Rosyth & Edinburgh
1990 Burnett & Company/Capita Group, Edinburgh
1998 Haley Somerset Consulting, Edinburgh

Established Bruce Shaw Property Consultants Limited in 2002.

Chaired the RICS Scottish Dilapidations Steering Group between 2016 and 2018 and was a Co-Author of the RICS Dilapidations in Scotland Guidance Note Editions 1 & 2.

Specialisms include dilapidations, schedules of condition and defect diagnosis.

Other interests: Rotary, Round Table, Curling & Motorsport.