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Thermographic Surveys & Leak Detection, Energy Surveys

We have ‘Thermographic’ camera equipment which enables us, in the same way as using x-ray spectacles, to interrogate the buildings fabric without physically having to form holes in it. Thermography relies on the amount of heat either embodied within or passing through a building element. Similar cameras are used by the emergency services to locate survivors in smoke filled premises or beneath debris. We can use the camera to: identify the precise location of a leak in a large flat roof area, identify lines of concealed structure, isolate cold bridges which might be causing condensation or mould growths, or to analyse where heat losses are occurring. We can even review cavity wall installations to ensure the contractor has filled the cavity.

This tool has a wide range of applications and can very quickly help identify issues beyond that which the naked eye could ever comment upon. There are a number of organisations that already offer Thermographic survey services who perhaps do not have the necessary technical insight to enable them to fully interrogate the results of the survey and that is where we can benefit the client by bringing our experience to bear.