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Energy Performance Certificates

An EPC is a document which states the energy efficiency of a building based on the standardised way that the building is used. Carbon dioxide (CO²) ratings are shown in bandings from A to G, with A being the least polluting. The number located adjacent to the A-G ratings refers to CO² emissions in terms of kg/m² of floor area per year.

The main focus of the certificate is the amount of CO² which is estimated to be released from the building. The performance of the building is benchmarked against current building standards and recommended cost effective improvements. It also allows owners, prospective owners and tenants to directly compare the performance with other buildings. The certificate must be fixed to the building and will be valid for a period of 10 years. It applies to all buildings that are either commercially leased or sold require an EPC.

Essentially the EPC report itself is a single A4 sheet of paper. Unfortunately the process is not as simple as the end result might appear to suggest. In order to provide an EPC we need to know a considerable amount of information about your property including detailed dimensional information (down to external door sizes, also window sizes on a room by room basis) as well as considerable detail about its artificial lighting (sizes and types of lamps etc.) and mechanical services (boiler sizes and efficiencies). All in all the process takes some considerable time and this data is then interrogated by a piece of computerised software that will in turn generate the Energy Performance Certificate itself.