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The Single Seller Survey

In the domestic market, the advent of the single seller survey although not one of our services is certainly having a significant impact upon those looking to buy and sell property this year.

We are quite often asked to report on issues that arise from these inspections and in view of the fact that these surveys are bought and paid for by the seller, this is likely to become an increasingly relevant check instigated by the potential purchaser or their advisers.

Sale of homes on the open market

The Scottish Government believes that house buyers should receive better information about the home they are thinking about buying. Under the Act, sellers of houses have to provide two documents to potential buyers: a Survey Report and a Property Sale Questionnaire.

The reasons for introducing the Survey Report are to:

  • provide better information about the condition of properties to house sellers and buyers;
  • remove the need for multiple surveys and valuations; and
  • address the setting of artificially low asking prices.

The reasons for introducing the Property Sale Questionnaire are to:

  • give buyers better information about the property;
  • provide surveyors with more information about the property, for the survey inspection; and
  • reduce the risk of delay and difficulties in the conveyancing process by alerting the selling solicitor at an early stage to the need to obtain any documents required for conveyancing.